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Thank you!

Thank you for another amazing season at Adele’s! We have the best customers EVER!!!! We are now closed for our 2017 season BUT will re-open for 1 day only on Saturday, December 23rd from 11am-7pm. Pre order you custom gallons & pies now (see to the right).

We will re-open for our 2018 season on Thursday, March 1st.

Interested in applying at Adeles? Send an email to our general manager Emma & she can get you an application.

Pies for the Holidays!!!

Holiday Pie- an Oreo pie crust with fudge, mint custard, more fudge, and Holiday sprinkles topped with whip cream & a cherry! (***Favorite pie for this time of year!)

Mudd Pie- an Oreo pie crust with fudge & Kahlua custard topped with Oreos, fudge, whip cream & a cherry

Mint Oreo Pie- Very similar to the holiday pie. We use an Oreo pie crust and fill it with fudge & mint custard. Then do a layer of fudge & top it with Oreos, whip cream & a cherry!

Oreo Pie- We start with an Oreo pie crust & give it a nice layer of fudge, then add our homemade vanilla custard. Fudge is placed on top of the pie along with Oreos, whipped cream & a cherry!

Turtle Pie- an Oreo pie crust is covered with a layer of caramel, homemade vanilla custard is then filled into the crust. Finally a layer of creamy fudge is topped by pecans, cashews & a caramel drizzle!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Pie- We start with an Oreo pie crust followed by a layer of fudge. Then homemade chocolate custard is added along with another layer of fudge, raspberries & truffle chocolate!


Stock up for winter by pre ordering a gallon or more of your favorite flavor listed on our flavor page!


Send us an email with your name, phone number & what goodies you would like Adeles@adelescustard.com

Want something different? Send us an email, we would be happy to make a custom one for you!

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