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History of Adele's and

A Letter to You

Welcome To Adele's!

Home to what the Locals call the most Ridiculously Amaaaazing Frozen Custard ever! Being here for more than 35 years, We have come to truly appreciate our little place by the Lake and waking up each morning to make our daily fresh batch of Frozen Custard, we've also learned a thing or two along the way. For starters, we have found the closer we get to the water, the more life tends to slow down. We also learned the importance of taking your sweet time and highly encourage you to do it here as often as possible. We believe kind people are the best kind of people and the only kind you'll find wearing our aprons. We've always found the greatest joys come from the simplest things, like a child's giggle, a mustard squiggle or that extra sprinkle. We appreciate infectious smiles and know how contagious a good one can be. As eternal optimists, we believe the more you can live in the moment,  the happier the memories you create.


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